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Entry #1

i got call of duty modern warfare 2

2009-11-30 17:28:34 by sonic10

its fuckinnn sick


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2009-11-30 17:38:27

lucky. :(


2009-11-30 21:34:46

hated it exact same as all the other CoDs there pumping out on every console portable games and even phone...can you say money hungry?

sonic10 responds:

i dont care cuz it got better graphics dan cod 4 lol


2010-02-17 12:18:45

=.= yes cuz graphics are everything.


2010-02-20 16:51:34

it sucks ass. also, great, another fucking 13 year old on mw2.


2010-02-24 19:17:22

play that instead of SUCKING at flash.


2010-04-23 15:28:56

uhhhhh maybe u should come up with actual cartoons like eddsworld instead of ur stupid pwning at sk8 shit that no one likes


2010-05-17 10:53:07

Hey kiddo, i told you to get back in the kitchen and make me my sandwiches, something you can't understand with the word KITCHEN?