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2010-02-23 23:13:49 by sonic10

well i cant submit a flash for the next 15 days but that doesent mean a thin, i will keep making flashes an use it as time to improve so i can submit them all when i get back! it will be like a flash week for me 2 movies a day an when u all get home from school u can look around in the portal and u will have something to look foreward too during the day:)
muahahaha peace NG
PS. uperpwnage skate flash 3 will pwn hard



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2010-02-23 23:22:11

uperpwnage skate flash 3 will pwn hard
No, it won't, considering everything else you've posted is horrible.
People aren't going to 5-bomb it.

sonic10 responds:

stop trying to deny it because u are just failing and everyone is laughing at u LOL


2010-02-23 23:23:31

butthurt n00b

You don't even know what butt-hurt means.
That's a trolling term.

sonic10 responds:

your right


2010-02-23 23:30:51

Here's a rhyme for you:
Roses are red,
I'll fuck you with a rake.

sonic10 responds:

that doesnt rhyme u fuck tard


2010-02-23 23:45:49

I'm looking forward to all of the blam points I'm going to get.

sonic10 responds:

id like to see u try bring it on fag


2010-02-24 02:27:45

rofl looks like angreh faic took steroids :d

sonic10 responds:

lol ya wouldnt want to get ina fight wth him XD


2010-02-24 07:13:34

LMAO you got turd of the week again! The saddest thing is that you're actually trying to do good! Think about it: There are spammers who are actually TRYING to be as bad at flash as they can possibly be, and you sill end up being worse than them lol!

sonic10 responds:



2010-02-24 07:57:38

your video that got the highest rating is that stupid walk test you did where the legs weren't connected... I MEAN COME ON!!!!! THE LEGS WEREN'T CONNECTED?!?!?! WTF HAPPENED???

sonic10 responds:

its just a test u fuckin idiot


2010-02-24 08:52:07

*sign* just give it up, don't make flash, you simply can't grasp the basic concepts. Some people have the talent to make flash, most don't have the ablility to use it; and your part of them. If you think a man's legs disconnect when he walks then you must be stupid or acting silly.

sonic10 responds:

everyone stats of bad at flash u retard


2010-02-24 10:38:48

Are you fucking serious? Your flashes SUCK, look at the comments, NOBODY LIKES THEM. It's sad to see that you really think you're good...

Go watch Sonic instead or something, BUT DON'T MAKE FLASHES.
You probarly didn't even noticed than you won "The turd of the week" award, did you?

sonic10 responds:

i wasent expecting to it was a nice suprise XD


2010-02-24 11:14:04

I have a couple of ideas for you, and a couple of backgrouds... Just waitin for the gmail...

sonic10 responds:

sorry to keep u waiting,im on that...


2010-02-24 15:57:05

stop trying to deny it because u are just failing and everyone is laughing at u LOL


Eh, fuck it. I'll have so many Blam Points after this.

sonic10 responds:



2010-02-24 15:57:37

sonic10 responds:
that doesnt rhyme u fuck tard
I know.
Silly unEDucated newfag!

sonic10 responds:



2010-02-24 16:20:45

What was a nice suprise you fucktard "-_-

sonic10 responds:

you are gayest


2010-02-24 18:59:45

Your work isn't very good. However, I am glad you are taking the 14-day portal ban as time to improve your work. I can tell you are a beginner at Flash.

That's why Tom made that collection. For flash beginners who want to learn how to animate.


2010-02-24 19:15:18

you suck. making 2 flashes a day is TERRIBLE. All of yor flashes are crap!


2010-02-24 19:39:41

You put a little bit more effort in your flashes than Genderless Hooker! Lol! What you need to do is add more frames to your flashes. Usually flashes have about 18-20 frames per second. Yours seems to have about 2 or three sometimes 5. You also need to control your music. It keeps going even when the flash rolls over. You need to add a bit more detail in your flashes and you defenitly need to make them longer. I know my suggestions aren't worth much because I don't make flashes, I don't have the gear to make them, but I'm sure you'll understand that a lot of users are annoyed with your stuff. One more thing I should add is that you should first put your flashes on your post and see what people think about them. When you progress then you can start putting them in the flash portal. If you keep putting them in the portal without improvement, well that's good for me and others cause are blam points will go up. But anyway, seriously, put more effort in your work. I'll be interested to see what else you got.


2010-02-24 20:24:05

Well, if you really want to get better, you can check your inbox.


2010-02-25 07:33:48

Uber skate flash 3 will suck. Go the hell away, no one likes you. QUIT NG NOW.


2010-02-25 07:57:45

recently i have purchased a sink


2010-02-25 13:46:20

I swear, no matter how much you try, you will never get better at flash. I mean, 2 turds in a row? Just give up.


2010-02-25 16:12:38

This kid is officially a wannabe troll.

Two turds is no coincidence.


2010-02-25 16:21:21

You're such a moron.
I don't know how your Rank stats are better than mine.


2010-02-26 17:39:14

How about making a flash of you dying with unbearable pain? That would be pretty nice.