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Posting this from my iPhone

2010-10-24 18:52:23 by sonic10

What's up sissies? Having fun sitting on your asses watching gay cartoons? And don't ask me for my number, you idiots aren't my type lmfao

some idiot

2010-07-06 23:00:07 by sonic10

some idiot sended me a link to some gay porn shock site ...most discusting shit ive ever seen....... so the next day at school i pulled his pants down in front of all the girls and they LAUGHED their fricking asses off at his small dick lmao!!!! lets this be a warning 2 u fags. especially since u all hav small dicks to

pic below this guys an idiot

some idiot

Uper Skate3 Preview.......

2010-05-17 16:58:07 by sonic10

go watch my new flashhh and stare in awe......then lets see u all try to chirp me >:D noobs

pic: its all of u who cant sk8 for shit cuz u white as hell lmfao!

Uper Skate3  Preview.......

new flash

2010-04-18 11:05:08 by sonic10

sorry for being gon for so long but im back now,& im makeing a new flash!!!!!!!i took some avice fro m my fans and it wil be smoother,better drawings and way more action

watch all the h8rs cry when they see my flash pwn in the portal>:)

since my last flash i learned some new tricks on the boiard myself and i will put them in ot my flash probally

new flash

you all fail

2010-03-02 20:31:14 by sonic10

all of you fail epicly

ok no more meaness

2010-02-25 17:39:19 by sonic10

anyone who breaks my news post rule #1 gets baned by me and i will never lift it !!suck my cock pusy's who thinks its cool to go on people's newspost,and just be a total dick.i am new to flash and most of u havent used it so fuck off

aside from that if any one still wants to ofer advice or talk about things thats cool :) just wanted to get rid of the troll's witch i hate


2010-02-23 23:13:49 by sonic10

well i cant submit a flash for the next 15 days but that doesent mean a thin, i will keep making flashes an use it as time to improve so i can submit them all when i get back! it will be like a flash week for me 2 movies a day an when u all get home from school u can look around in the portal and u will have something to look foreward too during the day:)
muahahaha peace NG
PS. uperpwnage skate flash 3 will pwn hard


O.K soooooo

2010-02-16 15:37:04 by sonic10

tell me expierenced newgroundsers how can i improve my flash?

EDIT: ok i know my flash are bad but i m iproving and all i need are idea's if any one has any that would make my day :)

O.K soooooo


2010-02-15 18:59:54 by sonic10

i am.........

about to shit my pantz..............


my parents are buying me a copy of flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! prepare for a new era of flash awesome ngers


its fuckinnn sick